Community Service Project: Clean up at Stella Olson Park.

Cedar Creek Youth is all about growing together. We are a bunch of friends, from 6th grade through High School, who meet together (sometimes separately as MS or HS students, sometimes as one big group) to share life, have fun, learn about ourselves and learn aboutGod. We laugh a lot, even though we get down to business!

We attend church together on Sundays, we meet during the week, we go to weekend retreats and plan special events. We haveBible studies, sing worship songs, play games, and host activities for little kids. You can always bring a friend- lots of people do that, so we’ve always got new people around!

If you want to be a part of our group, you don’t have to know anything about God or church - we’re all learning together! Some of us have parents who come to church, some of us don’t. Some of us have been going to church for years, some for just a little while. We are committed to being open to each other, to listening without judgment, and we are willing to challenge each other to be the best we can be. We’re about helping each other, which sometimes means saying hard things, but always with love.

School Year Programming

Our Youth programs during the school year meet on Sundays. Middle Schoolers meet in the afternoon from 4:00pm-5:15pm for a short Bible lesson and then we go out to do a service project for someone in our church! Our High School students meet weekly as arranged to talk about how our own weeks went, play together, and discuss how the Bible applies to our lives. This time is for building our friendships with each other and getting to know God better - we want to be able to connect our faith to our regular lives and it's easier to do this when you have friends to talk it over with! 

We’d love to have you join us!

Summer Opportunities

Summertime gives us the chance to do different things because we don’t have school! Each summer, we try to have opportunities for students involved in our youth group for the year: a mission trip that involves a little bit of traveling and doing labor (like projects at a Christian camp) or serving the homeless with a group like Bridgetown Ministries (but sometimes not here in Portland).

We make the plans for our next summer trip(s) in December and the spend the year fundraising and preparing ourselves to do the work that God has set out for us to do! Serving others is a great way to grow closer to each other and also to God. Serving someone else also helps us to put our own lives into perspective, understanding more of the world around us. If you think you want to go on a trip with us, start coming to our youth group and get ready!