Advent Flow #23 - NAME OF GOD: Alpha & Omega


“ I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

- Revelation 22:13

NAME OF GOD: Alpha & Omega

by Carolynn Yancey

"Yahweh" by Carman

The church choir at the the church I grew up in sang a version of this song every year at Christmas and I have never been able to hear the names for God without singing this song in my head. I love the lyric: “Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End.”

We often take for granted knowing the definition when we hear the name for God, Alpha and Omega. We know that God is all infinite, all encompassing, and we breeze right through what that means without much examination.

Today let’s explore what it really means that God is the Alpha and the Omega, or the beginning and the end. The Alpha part is my favorite part to think about, though I usually liken it to being someone in charge or the leader - as an adjective. In the context of the noun, as God is Alpha, the beginning, He the first in a sequence of things, He is the start, The Creator.

I don’t know about you, but I love the beginning of things. A new project, the beginning of a vacation, the first bite of my meal, weddings, the first time wearing my new outfit. How often do we look at “Alpha” and get excited and looking forward to what is to come? What are you beginning that you’re excited about?

There is a similarity in the way I look at God the Alpha, I LOVE His beginning’s… promises of new life, a fresh start, a new outlook, a new relationship. I love that He is the creator of all things, He is the source of the beginning. He is creating us newly, doing new works in us, refreshing our minds. He miraculously heals us, giving us a new beginning at life! He is the beginning of something new! Wow! I couldn’t get more excited!

Make a list of all the things and people God has created for you and your life.

I think we should stop this devotion right here so we can just go about the rest our day thinking about all the blessings in the beginnings… Just kidding, but really, who wants to shift gears and think about the OMEGA, or the END of something… of your favorite show on Netflix? You are there getting ready to select play, and you see there are no more episodes, it’s the last one!! Don’t you hesitate and question your timing?! Instantly, aren’t you so sad, and maybe a little panicked?

We don’t want things to end, relationships, an era, good weather, vacation. Pause for moment and listen to the emotions and the thoughts that come up for you when you think about something being the end.

Webster’s dictionary says, “The limitation that indicates full extent.” all used up, none left, no more, all out, or all gone. No wonder we don’t want to talk about the end! It’s so definitive, there is no possibility for anything new or anything else to come after that. It is impossible once you come to the end of your bag of chips, to eat another chip - you are left with no choices.


Looking at our lives through the lens that God is the END of everything gives us the opportunity to drastically change our perspective of how we see the end, but only when we remember that He is also the Alpha.

You see if the One who ends it is also the One who begins it, we do not have to be sad about the end of anything. We know that the One who ended it it is also the One who began it!

What If you look at God as the Omega and the Alpha? (The end and the beginning?) Hopefully you can start to see the end as an opportunity for God to start again! 

Have you been dancing? I am an awesome dancer(lie); Neil and I love to go out to do a little country 2-step on the weekends, and visually the pattern of God being the Omega & Alpha sort of reminds me of the 2-step.

1st step a little slow, second step slow, third step is faster… right on the ‘heels’ of the step before it. Once that movement starts and then ends, the next step is faster and immediately the next beginning is right there.

God doesn’t leave us in the End, or with no more, or all used up. How many times do we use those words? I don’t have any more energy, there’s no time left, I don’t have enough experience. While there may be an end to your day, God is the beginning of energy. And while there may be a short to your fuse, God creates a new passion in you! While it may be the end of your patience, God is the beginning of patience and He is right there with renewed patience for you! He is right there, after the Alpha is the Omega, and then the Alpha and Omega, and He never stops.


In what ways does this conversation change how you can approach “the end” of things in your life? What ways does it change how you approach “the beginning” of things?

Isaiah 43:19a says, “see I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”

Do you see the new things that God is doing in your life? If not, ask him to reveal them to you.

Where is it you would really like to see a new beginning? Is there anything that you need to seek forgiveness for? Do not fear, God is right there with a new beginning for you.

PrayerDear God, we can look and see the evidence of your new beginnings all around us, often times struggling to identify them in our lives. Please forgive us for any place that we see things ending and are bitter, discouraged, or sad.

Remind us moment by moment that you are the Alpha and the Omega, that you have began a new work in us, and that you are always creating newly in and for us.

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