Small Group Ministry

We believe the best way to grow spiritually is by joining a small group “lifeboat” to weather the storms of life together. People anywhere on their spiritual journey are welcome to join a group by calling a leader. These groups of 4-12 people meet in homes for study, prayer, and encouragement.

Why do we use the lifeboat metaphor? Well, on the night of April 14, 1912, the Titanic was on her maiden voyage when she struck an iceberg. There were only lifeboats for half of the 2200 passengers. That night 1500 people perished in the icy cold waters as all the lifeboats rowed away from the Titanic. All the lifeboats except one -  Lifeboat #14 rowed back and saved a handful of swimmers.

At Cedar Creek Church, we see a small group as a Lifeboat #14 designed to rescue people from loneliness and disconnection from God and bring them into light, warmth and relationships with God and each other. We hope you'll consider joining one and then continue to bring others into your lifeboat. To join one, contact us

Here is the list of lifeboats:
• Erik Helland, Sundays 6PM, Tualatin
• Mike & Michelle Conan, Sundays 6PM, Sherwood
• Karl & Jennie Harrop, Sundays 6PM, Sherwood
• Wade Anderson, Sundays, 6PM, Sherwood
• Heaven Bound (Seniors), 1st & 3rd Wed., 1PM, Sherwood

Worship Time & Location

Time: Sundays at 10AM
Location: 21901 SW Sherwood Blvd, Sherwood, OR. For directions, click here.
Pastor Mike Conan:

Sunday, Jan. 14: “Rooted In Christ” based on Ephesians 3:14-21. To listen to previous messages, click here.

Jan 22 Message

Join us this Sunday for a message called "Deploy, Debrief, Distribute" based on Luke 9:1-6, 10-16.
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